We are extremely grateful for any size donation! We currently hold monthly vigils and have several vegan outreach events planned for 2016. In addition to purchasing and preparing vegan food for the public to sample, we would also like to rent tables at animal and health themed events, purchase more laminated signs, sidewalk chalk for chalktivism, leaflets, infocards, stickers for kids, permits, electronics such as camera/video equipment, headphones, rain gear, tablets, and software. Every little bit helps us reach more people and open more minds.

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Purchase a T-shirt or hoodie T-shirts and Hoodies Use the drop-down menu to see all the available choices. If the campaign has ended, it will restart again once there are 3 shirts ordered. Please tell your friends and get it relaunched!

Help us purchase more signs or other printed materials by sending us an Office Depot gift card. Each 24×36 laminated sign is $30, and 18×24 laminated signs are regularly on sale for $10. Our email address is smithfieldpigsave@activist.com and our PO Box is Smithfield Pig Save PO Box 9216 Chesapeake VA 23321

If you will be holding a fair or festival in the Hampton Roads area and would allow us to set up a table, please email us. We are always looking for places to spread our message of kindness to animals, and offer assistance to anyone interested in a plant based lifestyle.